Trunk Or Treat – Our new Halloween tradition

October 31st falls on a Saturday this year. The clock will also go back one hour after midnight. During ordinary times, it would have been a perfect Halloween night. Yes, ordinary times. 

As our lives these days are far from being ordinary, the only thing we can, and should, do is make the best of what we have got. 

That’s why Kids T.O. Kids are still going to make this Halloween fun for our kids. We will be strictly following the Public Health guidelines, keeping distance, and making sure our kids and their families are safe. 

We are having an outdoors meet-up, so everyone will be out in the open, enjoying our fresh and crisp autumn air. Anand Sheoran of has generously volunteered to come out and take pictures of our kids, and we are very thankful for his generosity. We are looking forward to seeing lots of kids in their spooky, adorable, funny, and cute Halloween costumes. 

Parents and siblings are welcome to enjoy the park while the K2K members are having their photoshoot session with Anand. They can hike, ride a bike, have a lunch picnic, sit down for a visit, or, of course, decorate the trunk of their car!

When the photoshoot session is over, we will go back to the parking lot, where our kids will be surprised with the treats in the trunks! We are very excited to see what creative ideas our families will come up with. Last but never least, the kids will be able to pick up their treats from each trunk. Everything will be contactless, and safe.

We can’t wait to share our pictures with you. Hope you have a great Halloween as well!