Fundraising-Q&A with Jackie Warden

On March 20th, 2021, Jackie Warden, Head of Ritter Talent Agency Kids and Teen Division, generously donated her expertise and more than 2 hours of her personal time to speak with families who were interested in learning more about the entertainment industry. Participants included those who are already in the business, as well as those hoping to enter the industry safely. We had participants from out-of-province as well. 

#k2ktoronto would like to shout out our sincere appreciation to Jackie for her support. Her Zoom session means that K2K is able to continue to raise funds even during the pandemic.

Thank you very much, Jackie! Your session has given us more than 5% of the cost of a playground! 

Thank you very much as well to all those who participated and made donations to K2K. Every single cent of your donations goes toward helping various causes in our communities, so you not only learned something from Jackie last night, but also contributed towards good causes.

You can be proud of that! 

Jackie Warden
Jackie Warden