On May 28th, 2022, K2K had the privilege of showing our kids what it feels like to give back. Nineteen K2K volunteers, big and small, came together and built a playground for a little hero.

This is our 7-year-old hero, Liam Wilson!

*** Liam has been raising awareness of CF and raising funds for Sick Kids Foundation in many ways, including co-writing a book called “Liam Strong As A Tree”. To support Liam and his many missions, please visit Liam’s Mission at https://instagram.com/liamsmission

Seeing his bright and beautiful smile, you will never guess that Liam has been living with Cystic Fibrosis all his life. Diagnosed at the age of 3 weeks old, CF has affected every part of his little body, especially the respiratory and digestive systems. Liam has to take medications before he can eat anything. His school bag includes an oxygen mask to help him breathe. He spent 2 weeks at the SickKids Hospital over the Christmas of 2021 fighting for his life. He has never been to a playground.

When Million Dollar Smiles gave us an opportunity to build a playground for Liam in his backyard, K2K accepted it with open arms and deep gratitude. This would give our young K2K members and their families an experience of a lifetime – to come together and give their talents and time unconditionally to someone they don’t even know, and to meet a real life hero who himself gives unconditionally to raise awareness of living with CF.

It was an absolute pleasure to see Liam, very reluctantly, come down the spiral slide for the very first time. It was an honour to have given him that experience. We hope he will get to enjoy the playground set for years to come.

***The picnic table was designed by our in-house young artists. It was also signed by all the K2K and MDS volunteers on site.


We kindly request your monetary donation, to help us achieve our goal of putting a smile back on a child’s face, and a playground in her/his backyard. Each playground costs $3,000 to install, and we would like to be able to give Million Dollar Smiles as many playgrounds as we can.
No donations are too small. We greatly appreciate each and every donation. For even as little as a cost of one coffee, you can truly help make a difference in a child’s life.

We thank you very much for your generosity.