Special Thank You!

Once our group has decided that a Fashion show would be our way of giving back to the community this year, we contact countless banquet halls and rental venues in the GTA. Many establishments were willing to help us, but our little budget did not allow us to meet their offers. The Everleigh, without a question, stepped up and offered the use of their beautiful venue for free! With that, we were able to complete our Business Plan and our proposals to possible sponsors, and to go ahead with the rest of the planning. Since then, we have been blessed with the support the community has given us. Our small, kids-led charity fashion show has now grown in size into something we hadn’t expected. As the event date approaches, we are overwhelmed by the fact that the number of estimated attendance has now exceeded the capacity of The Everleigh. Though our event will now be held at Montecassino Woodbridge, we will be forever grateful to The Everleigh.